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FHIN Summit – Where Farming meets the Food Distribution

Most people would say that agriculture is for growing food, and on one level, they are right, but the point of agriculture doesn´t stop there. At a deeper level, the purpose of agriculture is not just to grow crops and livestock, but to grow healthy, wellnourished people. Farmers produce a wide range of goods, including cotton, coffee, and energy crops, but one of their ultimate tasks is to produce food of suficient quantity (that is, enough calories) and quality (with vitamins and minerals needed by the human body) to feed all of the planet´s people, so that they can lead healthy, productive lives. Agriculture thus effectively includes goals related to human and nutrition.

The “FHIN” acronym for the Euro-Mediterranean Agro-Food Summit means Agriculture, Healthy Ingredients and Nutrition. The acronym includes key areas of the food chain system as well as healthy nutrition. FHIN Summit was designed specialy to Agricultures and Food Co-ops. This Agrifood Summit is an unique event where farmers and Food Coops sell their crops and food products to the Food Industries and Food Retailers. Indeed, FHIN Summit will provide moments of collaboration and networking among farmers, food industries, food retailers, chefs and hotel professionals around food production to delivery foods more nutritives and healthy. Thus, Buyers and Food professionals from all over the world will find the best selection of foods produced in the Iberian Peninsula and Mediterranean basin. Their foods are rich in fresh, seasonal and are accompanied by excellent wines.

FHIN Summit is divided into different sectors of exhibitors:

Farming – Supply Industry. At FHIN Summit the Agriculture and food industry are closely connected as well in the food system structure. At FHIN 2022 the Farmers and Food Co-ops find exhibiting spaces to sell their producion to the food industries.

Farming – Supply Retailing. This sector connects Farmers and Food Co-ops with Food Retailers. Its the place where Farmers or Food Co-ops sell their products to Food Retailing.

Farming-to-Chefs. This sector connects Farmers and Food Co-ops with Chefs and Ho.Re.Ca´s market. Its the sector where they sell their products to hotels and restaurants.

Farming-to-Tourism. People have more interested in how their food is produced. They wish to visit the country side and its farming production or share special moments visiting wineries, or even taking an active part in the wine harvest. This sector shows the best of travel experiences to connect farmers and travelers.

So, be our guest! If you´re a Farmer or Food Co-ops don´t miss the opportunity to show your products. Contact our team to assist you to become an exhibitor at FHIN 2022. If you´re a Food Retailer, Chef or Buyer from Hotel and Restaurant don´t miss the opportunity to visiting FHIN 2022 – Euro Mediterranean Agrifood Summit. The Early Bird Passes are available. Don´t hesitate to contact us for further information.

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