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Lisbon host FHIN Summit Week. The City where Sustainable Agriculture and Healthy Food Industries meet

FHIN – Farming, Healthy Ingredients and Nutrition Summit is the place where sustainable agriculture and healthy food industries meet to supply healthy products according climate-friendly food production. At FHIN Summit 2019 the exhibitors put a major focus on biodiversity and healthy human food, which takes a sustainable approach to food and farming production. Do you know why?

Facing climate change the sustainability and biodiversity are reshaping the activities of food production, distribution, manufacturing, shopping and finally eating. A recent report from UN´s Food and Agriculture Organization, which found 72% of the world´s food comes from 12 plants and five animal species. It´s far less diverse than most of us would think. This situation concentrates our food system into a few crops and livestock species that can susceptible to harm. However, biodiversity also focus on taste as well as sustainability. Its involves taking a comprehensive approach to how we grow, produce and develop the foods that end up on store shelves and in our table.

A growing number of food and farming entrepreneurs and innovators globally believe the maintenance of ecosystems are essential for food security. FHIN Summit 2019 will introduce to the farmers and their distribution several products and solutions for food production as the regenerative and envinronment agriculture.

The regenerative agriculture facilitate and increase biodiversity and enrich soil nutrition and the ecosystem. The environment agriculture can help the process of growing plants in a greenhouses or grow rooms.

FHIN Summit also covers the precision agriculture; food quality control; food security; food waste solutions; cell agriculture; food tech and branded food products made from crops grown using the principles of biodiversity and sustainability.

FHIN Summit also introduces to the food market exhibitors of health and wellness food products as super foods; diet foods and food intolerance; bio and organic foods, energetic beverages, foods suplement and many other.

FHIN Summit showcase trends and new products and many other conferences to attendees interested in learning how to apply the concepts in their companies. FHIN Summit Week presents many attractions as FHIN Innovation Theater, FHIN Summit´s conferences and Start-ups Pitches and so on.

Be our guest! If you´re a farmer don´t miss the opportunity for visiting professionals to meet latest agriculture inputs and technologies to improve your production. If you´re a food retailer many healthy food and organic producers will be there to welcome you!

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