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Lisbon’s nightlife

Sip on a cocktail or dance the night away

Whether you’re a rump shaker, a motormouth or a wannabe sommelier, you can’t fail to find something to suit your tastes in Lisbon’s rich and diverse nightlife. Suppin’ on a cocktail by the River Tagus comes highly recommended, as does losing yourself on the dance floor at Lux, but they’re just two unforgettable experiences you can expect to have among many others in the Portuguese capital.


Long a popular in the Lisbon nightlife trail especially for lovers of indie music. At the weekend, the downstair dancefloor packs out but that is part of its charm.


You may well have already heard of Lux even before arriving in Lisbon. You should make sure to visit this nightlife colossus near Santa Apolónia, which turns 18 in October. The programming here is select and outstanding, and includes regular live music, guest and resident DJs, both Portuguese and foreign. The space itself is fantastic, as is the decor, and it draws a very varied crowd. Coming to Lisbon and missing out on Lux is, as the Portuguese would say, be like “going to Rome and not seeing the Pope.”


Named as one of the “best late-night destinations” in Lisbon by The Guardian, Musicbox is the perfect spot to hear all your favourite pop tunes. It´s one of our main Night Summit spots, so this will be an easy find!


The Pavilhão Chinês (that translates to English as “Chinese Pavilion”) is on a whole different level – more than a quirky bar, it’s pretty much the ex-libris of Príncipe Real, and a jewel in itself. There are a lot of artefacts displayed – so many that you almost feel like you’ve entered an antique shop. Among them are old mugs, porcelain dolls and miniature trains. These collectables are displayed in all of the five rooms. Even though the view of these little objects is a sight to behold, what I think makes you come back again and again is the combination of the kindness of the staff and the comfort and warmth of each and every room: it transports you to a different time, while making you feel really welcome and at home. Founded in 1986, Pavilhão Chinês occupied what once was a former grocery store. The service is impeccable and the cocktails are the strong point of the house: the presentation is flawless and they’re great. Try one, I’m pretty sure you won’t regret it.


This place inspired by Prohibition-era bars in the US has a clandestine air, not least because it is in basement and you must ring the bell to be let in. The drinks list was drawn up by an expert and has lots of very creative, very good and wellmixed cocktails. It is impossible to recommend one, because the list is constantly changing. The best thing is to leave it to the barman’s imagination.