FHIN Summit 2019


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FHIN Summit and PortugalFoods together around the quality of Atlantic diet


It is a great achievement for FHIN Summit having the partnership of PortugalFoods.

The vision of entrepreneurship of PortugalFoods and its board of directors conducted by their chairman, Mr. Amândio Santos, evidence the partnership between PortugalFoods and Unipeer Solutions to build a relevant Agrifood Summit as space to promote the innovation and the quality of Atlantic and Mediterranean foods.

In fact PortugalFoods, through its members from Food Industries and National Scientific and Technological Entities, is the platform where its members where its members establish win-win

relationships in order to support their innovation and internationalization activities.

PortugalFoods is recognized as the umbrella brand of the Portuguese Agrifood sector promoting the excellence of Portuguese food and beverages, its brands and its companies in the international markets.

PortugalFoods is recognized by the Portuguese government by the Ministries of Economy, and of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development of Portugal as cluster for the agrifood industry.

PortugalFoods presence at this agrifood summit is based on two main goals: innovation and internationalization. As they are also strategic aims at FHIN SUMMIT, the partnership between Portugal Foods and Unipeer Solutions was natural and relevant. The partnership was received with great honour and distinction by the organizer of FHIN Summit and also deserved the greatness and prestige of the Board of PortugalFoods.

FHIN Summit intends to align the management of its goals based on the principles that underpinned the partnership with PortugalFoods, whom it thanks for its trust.

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