FHIN Summit 2019


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Chairwoman of Association of Vertical Farming

Christine Zimmermann-Loessl, M.A., holds degrees in Political Science, Sinology and Philosophy from Munich University. Upon graduating, Christine worked as a project manager specialising in risk analysis and crisis management. She then founded the Asia Network Information Center, combining her talents for project management, research and entrepreneurship. Later on, as the representative for the Konrad Adenauer Foundation in China, she took on various roles, including director of the German-Chinese Management Institute. During her time in China, she gained vast experience in the fields of environmental protection, poverty alleviation, and female empowerment. After becoming inspired by her son's interest in vertical farming, Christine got involved in the industry. In 2013, she used all of her experience and networking skills to co-found, with a group of like-minded young people, the Association for Vertical Farming (AVF); since then she has held the role of acting chairwoman of AVF . “Through AVF we are raising awareness and building a network of like-minded people for the implementation of Vertical Farming around the world."

Initiator and Cultured meat speaker

Ira is a designer with a demonstrated history of working in event design, healthcare ICT, marketing and think tanks industry. My legacy as the daughter of Willem van Eelen and 40 years of Clean/Cultured/JUST/InVitro Meat history is converted into speaking about the potential of- and understanding the urgency of this innovation, so that the audience can embrace the idea. I am proud to be able to work on two passions. Cultured meat as legacy from my father and preventive oral healthcare as gift to my son. Irena van Eelen is also chairwoman of the “Invitromeat Foundation” founded by her father in 2002. Member of JUST´s advisory board, Senior Consultant of CAS ando f KET Food. Writer of the foreword to the Dutch, French and German translation of Paul Shapiro´s book “Clean Meat”. Writer of the book “Tien tips voor slimme tieners” about oral health in puberty. She is International Advisor in Oral Healthcare prevention for dental societies and government agencies. Chairwoman of the ToothCamp Foundation, a non-profit organisation working with teenagers on oral health. Boar member of the HERE BUGU Foundation, a development in Mopti Mali.


Recognized by the prestigious Fast Company magazine as Futurist and by CNN as a visionary, Marius Robles was also considered in 2014 one of the 15 most successful entrepreneurs in Spain by prestigious MIT Technology Review. Marius has also collaborated to inspire, evangelize and raise awareness in companies such as GB Foods, Carrefour, Bimbo, Autogrill, Nestlé, Campofrio and other companies in the F&B sector and he is CEO of Reimagine Food that creates and attracts initiatives out to rethink the world of food and cooking, the agrifood industry and the way we meet our food needs in the 21st century. To make this possible, Reimagine brings together startups, food and beverage companies and investors and bridge the gap between these groups and emerging, disruptive technology.

CEO of Finless Foods

Mike Selden is CEO and Co-Founder of Finless Foods, his background in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology has played a big role in him dedicating his life to climate justice and Science advocacy. He has always been very politically active and considers his work now to be an extension of that before co-founding Finless Foods, he was working at the Mount Sinai Icahn School of Medicine in high-through cancer screening. His university research projects were two fold one focusing on fungal epigenetics to solve food crises and the other on the evolutionary biomechanics on the mantis shrimp. He was a high school chemistry teacher at Wagor International School in Taichung, Taiwan, where he ended up learning enough chinese to become co-editor in Chief of ChinaSMACK, a website that translates Chinese News for the English speaking world. He also has done work at New Harvest, a non-profit forwarding research in the cell-based meat field.

Senior Business Developer Personalized Nutrition and Health - Dutch Knowledge Institute - TNO Healthy Living

As a committed mountain bike racer, nutritionist, strategic thinker and a type 1 diabetic himself, Nard believes that measuring aspects of your health, knowing your behavior and using that information for personalized advice will be the future of food and healthcare. For the Dutch knowledge institute TNO, he has set up a large international research consortium together with Wageningen Research that investigates the technical and social innovations that will enable personalized nutrition through consumer empowerment. This pre-competitive public private consortium is unique in combining different scientific expertise across the whole value chain of personalized nutrition and using real world field labs.

Founder and President - Cellular Agriculture Society (CAS)

Kristopher Gasteratos is the founder and president of CAS, the Cellular Agriculture Society, an international 501c3 nonprofit based in the US and former VIP Venture of the Harvard Innovation Lab. CAS partners with cellular agriculture companies like Memphis Meats and Finless Foods, as well as global affiliates like the UN and Harvard to accelerate animal products without animals such as cell-based meat. Kristopher conducted the first and largest market research on cellular agriculture, as well as the first environmental report, which ranked as a top, trending literature at Harvard in 2017. Kristopher is a former student, scholar, and researcher of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Harvard University, and the author of works such as Moral Veritas and the Neomnivore Series. His years of experience in the fields of cellular agriculture and cell-based meat have led to him giving talks around the world on the topic, ranging from university guest lectures at Harvard and Stanford to conferences on effective altruism and food technology.

Associate Director of the UC Davis Initiative for Wireless Health and Wellness - University of California (UC)

Founder - DigitalFoodLab

Matthieu is the co-founder of DigitalFoodLab and has been a FoodTech entrepreneur since 2010. Since he sold his first startup, WeCook, in early 2017, Matthieu is developing DigitalFoodLab in order to grow the European FoodTech ecosystem. DigitalFoodLab delivers talks, expertise and business intelligence to entrepreneurs, investors and food corporates. It aims to help them identify and act on FoodTech opportunities with a unique mix of data (with the most comprehensive database on FoodTech startups) and insights (coming from FoodTech entrepreneurs).

CEO of Qina consulting, Portugal

Mariette Abrahams has bachelors degree in Nutrition and Dietetics at Stellenbosch University in South Africa. Her first job was in Food Service Management and went to UK where worked as Dietitian in the National Healthy Service (NHS) in various clinical roles. Fast forward six and a half years later, she left as a Specialist Gastroenterology Dietitian, gaining experience in managing a department of specialist dietitians as well as managing patients with various gastrointestinal and surgical issues. She also squeezed in the time to complete a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and run a private practice. After a short stint traveling in South America, she joined a major medical nutritian company as a Medical and Scientific Affairs Advisor specialising in Gastroenterology & Paedriatrics.