FHIN Summit 2019


What are you looking for?

The Start-up Zone at FHIN summit is the place where new entrepreneurs present their cutting edge innovations to venture capitalists, farmers and food distributors.

This area was designed for start-ups only and provides the following benefits:
  • Kiosk and three stools with 3 m (W) x 1,5 (L)
  • Wi-Fi network
  • Company´s logo and description included on the event´s web site
  • A dedicated section on FHIN Summit´s website and daily´s summit to introduce technologies and nutrition products.
  • One presentation during a ten-minute pitch at the pitch´s theater
Admission fee:
670,00€ @ 23% VAT = 824,10€
Participation fee:
550,00€ @ 23% VAT = 676,50€

The conditions terms of participation at FHIN Summit are posted on here

Each startup can apply for one minimum space only. The Start-up zone allows the participation of startups from incubation programme of tertiary institutes, universities, R&D centres and accelerators.

Each startup can apply for one minimum space only. The Start-up zone allows the participation of startups from incubation programme of tertiary institutes, universities, R&D centres and accelerators.

The Start-up Zone's
product exhibition presents:

Dietery supplements
Organic & Certified organic foods
Health foods
Health & Fitness
Farming 4.0
Precision Livestock farming
Vertical farming solutions

Natural foods
Functional foods
Green products
Precision agriculture
E-commerce and delivery
ICT Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this event for me?

If you are interested in entrepreneurship the answer is most likely yes. FHIN Summit attendee backgrounds are farmers, growers, food retailers, and distributors, Venture Capitalists, Accelerators, among others. Whether you are a serial entrepreneur or new to the startup scene, if you are motivated to build a product or startup and open to new ideas, you´ll fit right in.

Do I have to participate all three days?

Apart from Organizers, selected Coaches, Speakers, Delegates and press, everyone who attends the summit is expected to participate all three days. This is importante not only to preserve the ‘vibe’ of the summit (“no talk, all action”) but also to minimize distractions/disruptions for working teams.

How do I register?

FHIN Summit has a registration page for startups on https://www.fhinsummit.com/startups/to-exhibit/startups-form/ But all contacts are conditioned to the evaluation of FHIN´s Selection Commitee, by paying the admission fee.

Do I need a Team?

Everyone who attends FHIN Summit as attendee is expected to participate on a team. This is important not only to preserve the mission of FHIN Summit (Teamwork!) but also to minimize distractions/disruptions for all working teams.

What are the accomodations for FHIN Summit?

Attendees are responsible for booking their own transportation and lodging (if needed). If you are traveling and unifamiliar with the location, reach out to the local organizing team to ask for nearby recommendations beforehand. However, TAP is the Partner Airlines of FHIN Summit 2019 and offers special prices and conditions to startups, participants, visitors, exhibitors and invited guests to attend the summit. To make a flight reservation, please access the website www.flytap.com . The code given to FHIN Summit is IT19TPCG53 and must be mentioned when making the booking in order to benefit from the discount. After selecting the web site, select flights and dates and then insert the event code in the ‘Promotion / Congress Code Box, located on the left side of the web page. In case of questions please contact TAP Air Portugal by the following email: congressos@tap.pt .

Do I have to picth an idea to attend?

No, but we encourage you to! You can pitch an idea you´ve thinking about years, or something last minute you think of during the summit. It´s a great experience and invaluable practice for public speaking.

What should I bring?
  • Laptop
  • Power cord
  • Business cards
  • Camera-take pictures and vídeo!
  • Optional: A second monitor, keyboard, etc… set yourself up to be productive!
  • And lots of creative energy!

To apply the participation of your
company please click on the submit button