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>Cees Jan Hollander

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Cees Jan Hollander

Cees Jan Hollander is born in a dairy farmers family. After completing the agricultural education Cees Jan started his career managing a dairy herd of 120 dairy cows. Next was a position at the applied research department of Wageningen University and Research in the group of dairy nutrition. Demonstrating how to apply the research findings on a farm was key here. Cees Jan continued his career at Lely International. This Dutch family owned business is market leader in the automatic milking systems. In the global role of farm management support ensuring farmers that changed to automatic milking the best transition. Since 2014 being the global farming expert at Danone. Currently responsible for the global roll out of the new animal welfare assessment and sharing best practices for economic sustainability. Managing broad topics in fresh dairy that are key for supporting farmers towards regenerative agriculture. Dairy is part of the solution and not the problem.

Cees Jan Hollander, Global Farming Expertise Manager, Danone.