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>Eduardo de Oliveira e Sousa

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Eduardo de Oliveira e Sousa

Eduardo de Oliveira e Sousa is the President of Confederation of Portuguese Farmers (CAP) and was graduated from Instituto Superior de Agronomia. He was the agricultural director of the National Zootechnical Station (1979-1983), executive director of the Sorraia Valley Watering and Benefits Association from 1983 to 2013, assistant professor of general agriculture and agricultural machinery, and pasture and forage at the Santarém High School (1981 to 1984), Agricultural Director of Sucral (1986 and 1989) and Member of the National Water Council, between 1996 and 2007. He was also president of ANPC - National Association of Rural Owners, Kinetic Management and Biodiversity (1994-2014), currently chairman of the general assembly, director and secretary of the general assembly of CPM - Portuguese Club of Monteiros / National Association of Big Hunting. He is honorary director of the Euro-Mediterranean Community of Irrigators and founder of the Association of Coruche and Border Forest Producers.

President of CAP – Confederation of Portuguese Farmers