FHIN Summit 2019


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About The Speaker

Ira van Eelen

Ira is a designer with a demonstrated history of working in event design, healthcare ICT, marketing and think tanks industry. My legacy as the daughter of Willem van Eelen and 40 years of Clean/Cultured/JUST/InVitro Meat history is converted into speaking about the potential of- and understanding the urgency of this innovation, so that the audience can embrace the idea. I am proud to be able to work on two passions. Cultured meat as legacy from my father and preventive oral healthcare as gift to my son. Irena van Eelen is also chairwoman of the “Invitromeat Foundation” founded by her father in 2002. Member of JUST´s advisory board, Senior Consultant of CAS ando f KET Food. Writer of the foreword to the Dutch, French and German translation of Paul Shapiro´s book “Clean Meat”. Writer of the book “Tien tips voor slimme tieners” about oral health in puberty. She is International Advisor in Oral Healthcare prevention for dental societies and government agencies. Chairwoman of the ToothCamp Foundation, a non-profit organisation working with teenagers on oral health. Boar member of the HERE BUGU Foundation, a development in Mopti Mali.

The Holy Grail of Cultured meat
A quest for good

The Ira´s lecture is divided into three parts – The History, The present and The future of cultured meat.

Once upon a time
A short history about the father of Ira, Willem van Eelen’s work. He started almost 40 years ago but the seed was sown even earlier. What where the catalysts to a lifelong passion and what was his holy grail? What where the hurdles during that time in society, science, politics and mind-set? And what has changed….or not?
What can we learn from it today, to make bigger steps forward? What can we learn from the past that can prevent us making the same mistakes today?

The Quest
There are still big hurdles. Ira wants to address as enormous fun, tasty and exciting opportunities. Big open innovation spaces that are forgotten, neglected or misunderstood. Cultured meat has so many angles of approach. We will come to understand that nobody is free from impact or responsibility. Especially her work with teenagers, she has learned that her biggest mistake; she say that without the basic knowledge of what we eat, our biology and life itself, we cannot expect other choices than what we know. There are many layers of knowledge and we will address all of them. In schools, in governments, in ethics, in science, in business and in beliefs. This is big, huge and that is exiting. We humans are great at big. We make big mistakes on our way to better and we can do great doing good.

Happily ever after
Ira will paint a picture of the future of food with cultured meat as a part of our daily life, as our future workspace and future business.
And she will try to make the audience understand that it is up to them, to make this “a near future”. I like to leave them with practical questions to take home. Training for the brain to be open, to see opportunities, to embark, to advocate or to be happy about what could be “in store” for all. Her positivity stems from many great spirits like her father, that found a way to lead in the midst of terror. We ow it to them to do our utmost.
The urgency, of seriously embracing cultured meat as governments, regulators and venture capitalists for all living, is the main reason for me to talk about this.