FHIN Summit 2019


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Kristopher Gasteratos

Kristopher Gasteratos is the founder and president of CAS, the Cellular Agriculture Society, an international 501c3 nonprofit based in the US and former VIP Venture of the Harvard Innovation Lab. CAS partners with cellular agriculture companies like Memphis Meats and Finless Foods, as well as global affiliates like the UN and Harvard to accelerate animal products without animals such as cell-based meat. Kristopher conducted the first and largest market research on cellular agriculture, as well as the first environmental report, which ranked as a top, trending literature at Harvard in 2017. Kristopher is a former student, scholar, and researcher of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Harvard University, and the author of works such as Moral Veritas and the Neomnivore Series. His years of experience in the fields of cellular agriculture and cell-based meat have led to him giving talks around the world on the topic, ranging from university guest lectures at Harvard and Stanford to conferences on effective altruism and food technology.

Cell agriculture for tomorrow´s food production