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>Marc Nougier

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Marc Nougier

Marc Nougier is a French agricultural engineer. For the past 3 years, he has been working on the solutions to improve value chain concertation and collaboration for the adaptation of agriculture to climate. With the support of EIT’s Climate-KIC, M. Nougier took part in the development of the Agrisource Open Innovation Platform for agriculture and climate change (www.agrisource.org), encouraging multi-sectoral collaboration and knowledge sharing. Within the LACCAVE project of INRA, he contributed to the dissemination of climate adaptation scenarios for the French wine industry to vine and wine stakeholders, as a tool for both regional and national concertation. In the past two years, M. Nougier has been both actor and witness in participatory events organised to drive local climate action in multiple French regions. Within the MEDCLIV Climate-KIC Innovation Ecosystem, his work now tackles the experimentation of local participatory processes for Mediterranean vine and wine stakeholders in order to collectively address climate adaptation and mitigation.

Climate-KIC MEDCLIV Project Engineer for Vine and Wine Adaptation, Montpellier SupAgro