FHIN Summit 2019


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About The Speaker

Marius Robles

Recognized by the prestigious Fast Company magazine as Futurist and by CNN as a visionary, Marius Robles was also considered in 2014 one of the 15 most successful entrepreneurs in Spain by prestigious MIT Technology Review. Marius has also collaborated to inspire, evangelize and raise awareness in companies such as GB Foods, Carrefour, Bimbo, Autogrill, Nestlé, Campofrio and other companies in the F&B sector and he is CEO of Reimagine Food that creates and attracts initiatives out to rethink the world of food and cooking, the agrifood industry and the way we meet our food needs in the 21st century. To make this possible, Reimagine brings together startups, food and beverage companies and investors and bridge the gap between these groups and emerging, disruptive technology.

How our relationship with food will be transformed through robots

They began in the factories, as part of the industrial revolution. Now we have them as coworkers, surgeons, as pets, serving in hotels, building houses, as security guards, picking fruits in the fields, etc … Now in combination with Artificial Intelligence the robots are going to transform the food itself. Kitchen Robots, Robot-driving cooking, ChefBots, Warehouse robots, barista robots, edible robots, this is only the beggining of what The Next Big Thing will be. Welcome to the Food Robolution!